Do you sense that innovation exists within you and all around you?
Do you allow your rebel side to express itself ?
Will you steer by instinct and with spirit ?
In an ever accelerating and increasingly complex economic environment, we, SME directors, invest far too much energy in managing time and assets, often losing sight of the human aspects of our business. When we focus on the accounting side of management, we tend to rely solely on sophisticated methodologies and high-tech tools to ensure success, forgetting the most important things like listening to our instinct, using our power to let go of tight controls in order to regain our freedom and ability to act with optimum potential.


Hit the road by our side, until our paths split

GOALS: become trailblazers and train until you outrun us.



Trust in the future

Create value

Stand outadiate as a leader



Foster a collaborative rather than competitive mode

Encourage partnerships & information sharing

Foresee the road ahead, study it so you’re prepared to handle each bend and bump, overcome obstacles, accelerate in the straightaways…
Notice things from afar so you can plot the best course, navigate the tight turns and sense the dangerous versus safe risks.
To be a leader, you need to think in advance, know your limits, stay in touch with reality, and maintain a clear vision of the playing field.
Be one with your team, keep your hands on your machine and your enterprise, listen with all our senses.
It takes a combination of vision, goals and resources for a driver to make smart decisions.
Vision – Sensing – Intuition – Decision making


Innovation is within us and all around us

All you need is an open mind to allow innovation to grow and to stimulate your resources.
You have the solutions for each and every one of your problems.
You must allow them to emerge, on a case by case basis, like in nature, where antidotes are found right next to the corresponding poisons.
Instead of searching for solutions outside your company, turn your gaze inward.
Tap into your natural resources, like you would to stimulate the human body’s self-healing capabilities. 
  How can you prevent an immune system breakdown caused by a hostile environment, or by the fact that the organism gives up trying to bounce back?
How can you strengthen, consolidate and develop the immune system’s strengths? or a company’s innovative capabilities?
How can you make the body’s self-immunization more durable? or a company’s ability to innovate sustainably?

Share information, diversify, fertilize the soil,
cross-breed and spread out in order to innovate.

Uniformity drags you down, equalizing frequently means levelling out towards the lowest performance level.
Differentiating allows you to escape from internal competition, to rise above and to grow.
Become a coach, a team leader, push your team upward, make it evolve.
Rebellions: promote them, avoid the beaten trails and the single-minded approach, remove the taboos, in a positive sense.
Free your company from rigid templates, foster creativity, provide fertile ground for innovation.


We learn as we walk, we discover as we do, we resolve as we make progress


In 2013, Robert Bozza founded the AKREON Company with a vision of a differentiated concept of what innovating means for companies today. He teamed up with his two sons and an active international network of experts to share different yet complementary views and to offer an approach which draws as much on collective intelligence as on logic and personal instinct. AKREON’s main goal is to free up the potential of SME’s to innovate through coaching, advisory services and strategic analysis assignments in order to turn this potential into results by accompanying their clients in raising funds and making strategic investments in the field of high value-added technologies.
  • Robert Bozza
    Robert BozzaPresident

    Founder of AKREON, expert in R&D, strategy and innovative technology evaluation.

    Coaches his clients to transform their technological innovations’ potential into results. Initiates and leadsfundraising operations, strategic investments or handovers, technology transfers and innovation programs with his partners. Created, launched and directed the Veolia Innovation Accelerator, as the Strategic Intelligence VP, which targeted 400 clean tech start-ups and led to 13 actual partnerships.

    Strong international track record heading joint-ventures and specialized subsidiaries in the US and Asia as well as directing operations and finance within large groups in energy, chemistry and environmental services. Master’s Degree from the Polytechnique engineering school of Paris (France) and from the National Superior School (ENS) of Chemistry in Paris, as well as in finance from INSEAD Singapore.

    Independent spirit, loves to stand out from the crowd, passionate about motorbikes and wine-making.

  • Alaric BOZZA
    Alaric BOZZAPartner

    Partner – Skilled in international business development (B2B) and design development.

    Explores, designs and develops innovative products and business models with a reduced carbon footprint. Introduces innovative products, technologies and services to new markets. 10+ years of international experience in business development and market research in the UK and Benelux.

    MSc in Management from EM Lyon (France) / ICADE Madrid (Spain), trained in product design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design London (UK). Bilingual in French and English, fluent in Spanish, and learning Italian.

    Inspired by the observation of nature, passionate about motorbikes and martial artist (Taekwondo 2nd Dan, Hosinsul 1st Dan).